What's in the box?

Towers of Conquest: Core box set content

Towers of Conquest: Core box set content- Miniatures

67 Detailed Miniatures including:

- 16 x Factional Pathfinders

- 12 x Factional Rangers

- 12  x Settlements

- 8 x Fortress Walls that go around the settlements

- 8 x Battlements that stack onto of the Fortress Walls

- 4 x Unique factional Towers that stack on the settlements 

- 1 x Morgareth the Dragon

- 1 x Drogo the Destroyer

- 1 x Thoron the Treebeast

- 1 x Valoria the Righteous

- 1 x Koldran the Crusher

- 1 x Slitherog the Gorgon

- 1 x Lich King of Mordeth

- 7 x Unique interchangeable map sections

- 4 x Game Chart summaries 

- 12 x Original Battle Dice

- 1 x Original Resource Rune die

- 1 x d20 die (20 sided)

- 1 x Merchant hex

- 1 x First to Tower card

- 23 x Conquest cards

- 100 x Resource Cards

   - 20 x Wheat

   - 20 x Spirit

   - 20 x Wild Game

   - 20 x Lumber

   - 20 x Diamond

- 67 x  Detailed Miniatures

Lich King
Pathfinders & Rangers
Resource Cards
Conquest Cards
Character Cards

More than three centuries have past since the great fell of the Towers...

All tales have become shadows of what may have been. For none remember why the towers were once forbidden. The call of the Towers whispers to you in the dark. Towers that control even the Gods!

Command titans from the heavens and monsters from the deep to do your bidding! Discover, plunder and embark on a new adventure. Unlock the mysteries of the Towers and annihilate your enemies!



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How To Play video with Becca Scott over at Geek and Sundry:

         Towers of Conquest is a Miniauture Based Board Game. It plays similar to Heroscape but has a resource gathering and building aspect to it.

         Start off with a small force to explore then Expand, Build, Upgrade, and Conquer! Defeat your opponents by building structures, summoning troops, and by destroying your opponent’s forces. Each item has different abilities, point value, and cost paid for with the blood and sweat of collecting resources.

         You will start off with one settlement and two pathfinders. With your pathfinders, explore and occupy resource hexes. Collect those resources when the rune die rolls in your favor. 

         There is a progression with your structures and troops. Settlements can be upgraded to Fortresses, Which will ultimately lead to an all-powerful Tower!As you upgrade your settlements to fortresses, you may then summon stronger forces.  Ultimate Champions and Titans may be summoned when you finally raise your Tower!

With your Titans you will be able to reign supreme and wreck havoc on your opponents.

         Be the first to gather a preset number of Conquest Points for a quick match, or, play optional World Conquest, and End the game when you are the last one standing!



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